An Interview with Moira Felish, playing Susan and Mrs. Dewey in the 2014 Young Artists’ Program’s production of MILL GIRLS

Moira_Felish_crop1. Where are you from?
I lived in Wilmette for eight years, but recently moved to Glenview.
2. How did you hear about TMTC? What made you decide to audition?
 I first heard about TMTC when I auditioned for an awesome music video directed by [Founding Artistic Director] Jessica Redish for Jess Godwin’s song “Greater Than,” about standing up against bullying. I heard about auditions for Mill Girls through Jess Godwin and thought that working on a new musical would be an amazing opportunity. I was inspired by how hard these girls worked and wanted other people to be inspired as well.
3. What should audiences take away from Mill Girls? What should they take away from your character specifically?
I want audiences to learn these girls’ stories. I want audiences to be aware of the fact that these girls worked incredibly hard despite very harsh circumstances. This is a very important part of American history, and you can see the impact that it has on women’s rights today. My character, Susan, has to choose between caring for her younger sister and standing up for her rights and what she believes in. I hope that audiences learn that you if you want change, you have to make it happen.
4. In what ways are you similar to/different than your character?
I am similar to my character Susan  in that I have a sister who means the world to me, and I am also very passionate about the world around me. But while Susan is more interested in the politics of the world around her, I am interested in the different people that live in our world and how we can treat each other with respect and solve world issues together. My other character, Mrs. Dewey, is quite the contrast of me. She is a lot older and therefore wiser. She knows who she is, while I am still trying to figure that out. But we both care deeply about those we love.
5. What’s your favorite memory of TMTC so far?
My favorite memory so far is when everyone was in the lobby during a break and we sang “Through the Window” together. We’re obsessed with Diana’s music and could literally sing it all day.
6. If you could have dinner with a famous historical figure, who would it be and why?
I would love to dine with Sylvia Plath. I love her poetry and other writing and I admire how she sees the world. She is an inspiration to me and often how I get through any struggles, whether they be writers block or a fight with a friend.

7. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your time at TMTC?
At TMTC, I’ve learned a lot about being a professional while working. This particular show has taught me about Viewpoints as well, which is a really cool way to think about movement. The most important lesson, though, would probably be that you need to use your time wisely and be productive!

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