An Interview with Peter Merikoski, playing Tommy, Charlie and Asa Hutchinson in the 2014 Young Artists’ Program production of MILL GIRLS

1. Where are you from?
I am from Wilmette.
2. How did you hear about TMTC? What made you decide to audition?
I heard about TMTC from a friend and wanted to audition because it seemed like a unique opportunity.
3. What should audiences take away from Mill Girls? What should they take away from your character specifically?
I think that audiences should realize the struggles that the mill girls had to overcome. It’s important to learn what their lives were like, and to recognize their hard work and determination.
4. In what ways are you similar to/different than your character?
Charlie is a peddler, and I think I share his determination and patience. Tommy is the bobbin boy, and he is very hard working, but probably not so happy with where he is in life. He wants to have more power, while I don’t really feel the need to have more authority.
5. How do you spend your days before rehearsal?
I am a camp counselor at the Wilmette park district. I work with kids whose ages range from 3- 5. It’s a lot of fun.
6. What’s your favorite memory of TMTC so far?
My favorite memory so far are of the Viewpoints exercises. They are fun, and I think they have helped me grow as an actor.
 7. If you could have dinner with a famous historical figure, who would it be and why?
I would want to have dinner with George Washington Carver because he had an extremely difficult life and still made many great discoveries
and inventions. I also love peanuts (which he researched a lot), and we share the same birthday as well.
8. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your time at TMTC?
I’ve learned how important it is to work as an ensemble and that the show can only happen with all of us working together.

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