An Interview with Emily Wronski, playing Harriet in the 2014 Young Artists’ Program production of MILL GIRLS

Emily Wronski1. Where are you from? 
Born in Evanston, grew up in Wilmette.
2. How did you hear about TMTC? What made you decide to audition? 
A friend had been emailed information about it and passed it on to me. I wanted to be part of a show this summer, and this seemed like a cool opportunity.
3. What should audiences take away from Mill Girls? What should they take away from your character specifically? 
One important thing I’ve learned is how much I take free time for granted. These girls had 14-hour work days and very little alone time. I
hope audiences walk away wanting to work harder and make better use of their time.
4. In what ways are you similar to/different from your character? 
Harriet is more grounded, while I like to have a lot of fun and try new things. We both work very hard and have a lot of goals and passions.
5. How do you spend your days before rehearsal? 
Three days a week, I am a summer camp counselor for girls aged 6-7.
6. What’s your favorite memory of TMTC so far? 
I have enjoyed learning what it is like to be a part of creating a new musical.
7. If you could have dinner with a famous historical figure, who would it be and why? 
My idol is a singer/songwriter named Amanda Palmer, so I would want to have dinner with her.
8. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your time at TMTC? 
To try to learn from every opportunity or activity life throws my way.



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