An interview with Elizabeth Telford, playing Princess Leonide in Triumph of Love


Q:   Welcome to TMTC! This is your first time performing with us – what inspired you to join us?

E:   Thank you! I worked with Jessica Redish in Milwaukee during Shrek the Musical, and she told me all about the TMTC does. She got me an audition, which happened to be on a day off, and here I am!

Q:   What drew you to your role?

E:   Princess Leonide is really fun. She’s youthful and energetic, and from the very beginning of the play she is on a mission to win the affection of her beloved, at all costs. Her stakes are very high, but she still has a really intriguing sense of play through it all.

Q:   Can you tell us a bit about your process as an actor? Where do you begin?

E:   You know, it really depends on the play and on the role, but for a project like this, I do as much background research as possible about the genre and the setting. This often generates other ideas that lead to more research. I think the more you know about the piece you’re doing, the more it opens up for creativity throughout the rehearsal process. I look at the arc of the play and of the role I’m playing, and I look at the clues in the script, what my character says about herself and other people, and what other people say about my character. That’s usually where I start.

Q:   What about the production are you most looking forward to?

E:   Well it’ll be my first Chicago production, so that’s pretty exciting! Besides that, I’m excited to work on a new project with which I was previously completely unfamiliar.

Q:   Where do you hail from?

E:   I’m a Georgia girl.

Q:   What’s your favorite color?

E:   I love the color green.

Q:   What excites you the most about working at TMTC?

E:   I’m really excited to get to know the people involved with TMTC.