An interview with Glad Fanny’s featured artist Tiffany Topol, appearing in concert for one night only at TMTC on 10/14.

Welcome to TMTC! This is your first time performing with us –


Q:     Where are you from originally?

T:     Oswego, IL.

Q:     Where do you currently reside?

T:     I’m a nomad right now, as I’m on tour with Once: the Musical, but I call Chicago home, particularly the Ravenswood/Lincoln Square neighborhood.

Q:     You frequently perform as an actor in town – can you remind us where we may have seen you?

T:     Yes! Most recently I played Charity in Sweet Charity at Writers’ Theatre.  Prior to that I was in My One and Only at the Marriott Theatre (where I’ve performed in a few shows), preceded by Eastland at Lookingglass Theatre.

Q:     When did you begin writing?

T:     I wrote extremely sporadically throughout my adolescence, but it wasn’t until I started playing ukulele and collaborating with my friend, Jon Drake (of Jon Drake and the Shakes), in 2009 that I really started to make things that I was inspired to show other people.

Q:     Who else will be joining you on 10/14?

T:     Claire Wellin, who is also in Once: the Musical and Cassidy Shea Stirtz.

Q:     How did you meet your band mates?

T:     Claire and I met during Eastland at Lookingglass in 2012. Cassidy and I met in college at Millikin University. So far I’ve only played with either just Claire or just Cassidy – I am excited because this is our first time playing together as a trio, which we’ve been trying to make happen for the better part of a year.

Q:     Describe the type of music you like to sing?

T:     Melodic and romantic with folk and jazz influence. Think of Judy Garland mixed with old Disney film scores mixed with Joanna Newsom. I like to call what we do “Cinderella folk.”

Q:     Describe your aesthetic in five words or less?

T:     Romantic with a touch-a whimsy.

Glad FannyQ:     What songs might we expect to hear?

T:     Mostly originals, a few favorite covers, and a couple of tunes from Once: the Musical. We’ll also throw in a few songs from Claire’s band (which Cassidy and I also play in), Youth in a Roman Field.

Q:     What inspires you to sing? What inspires you to write?

T:     I find myself constantly singing, so I probably couldn’t tell you what inspires me to do that. Breathing? As far as writing, I’m definitely inspired when I see a really amazing live show. I know an artist is good when I leave their performance itching to write. Also, life!

Q:     What’s your favorite color?

T:     Mustard. And mint.