An interview with cabaret artists Beckie Menzie and Tom Michael, appearing in concert for one night only at TMTC on 9/27.

You performed with us at TMTC last year. Welcome back! What inspired you to join us again?

Beckie: We loved the audience and the people at TMTC.


Tom: We loved the space and how accommodating the staff was to us there. Also, it has a wonderful piano, and good sound. The intimacy of the space enables us to get close to our audience.

What songs might we expect to hear during the  evening?

Beckie: Tom and I create our own arrangements of and spins on a variety of contemporary Broadway tunes, from The Book of Mormon to Wicked, or traditional music theatre from Finian’s Rainbow and West Side Story.

Tom: It will be a celebration of show music, old and new. Audiences can also expect to hear music from South PacificSweet Charity, and The Most Happy Fella.

Do you have any specific styles or songs you both most enjoy singing together?

Tom: Our favorite thing to do – what we are known for – is taking familiar songs and putting unique twists on them. Very rarely have we ever performed a song the way it was originally done. We are often referred to as: “two singers, one voice,” and we like to bring our unique twist to everything we do.

Beckie: I love, for example, when we combine our stories with a fabulous arrangement like “I’m Flying.”

What moves you to sing? 

Beckie: That’s hard to answer…I guess I’ll just say that every day I am grateful that music is a part of my life.

TomSometimes I am at a loss for words, but I can always express what I wish I could say in a song.

Who are your musical influences?

Tom: The first time I knew I wanted to be a professional singer was when I heard the great Broadway singer Donna Theodore in concert. She gave me my first coaching when I was in my early twenties, and it changed my life. Musically, my influences vary all over the place from Bacharach to Motown, and from Stephen Schwartz to Marvin Hamlisch. I love Richard Rodgers and Irving Berlin. I also love Instrumental Jazz and 80’s Pop Rock too. I could go on and on. And no one can top Diana Ross live in concert.

Beckie: I grew up near a wonderful summer stock theatre…. so musicals were a part of my life from early on.  As I got older, I have learned to listen to tons of different styles and learn from them all.