An Interview with Jonny Stein, playing Puck in Met by Moonlight

Jonny Stein Jonny Stein

Q: Where are you from?

San Rafael, CA

Q: How did you hear about The Music Theatre Company? What made you audition for the Young Artists’ Program?

I am good friends with Hannah Dawe and Patrick Sulken, the writers of Met by Moonlight. We went to the same college [Northwestern University] and I was in a few shows with them their senior year. I’ve seen their work before, and I couldn’t resist auditioning!

Q: Have you had any experiences with Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

This past year, we had an entire unit on Shakespeare in my acting class – one of the scenes I worked on for class was a Demetrius and Helena scene from Midsummer. My partner and I did much analytical work with the play to better understand the characters – we really enjoyed working on the play.

Q: What is your process of developing a character? How do you begin?

The first thing I like to do with a character is find how I can sympathize with him. Sometimes this process is easy, but sometimes it is less so. At first glance with this script, I wondered why Puck found the misery of mortals so entertaining, and why he sought to intentionally perpetuate it. As we delved deeper into the show, however, Puck comes to life and, for me, has a very human reason for doing magic.

Q: What do you want audiences to take away from the production?

I hope this show can be both fun and thought-provoking for the audience. I hope that audiences will be able to recall their experiences with love and their very natural but sometimes silly behavior when beginning relationships, and that they glean their own message from the show.

Q: What song is currently your summer anthem?

“Find My Way” – The Gabe Dixon Band

Q: What is your favorite food on a hot summer day?

An extra extra chicken, black beans, rice, and salsa verde (hold the onions) burrito from La Cumbre Taqueria in San Mateo, CA.


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