An Interview with Sophie Grimm – performer and musician of Fugitive Songs in Concert

THE 411:

Where do you hail from?

I come from the Cheese Curd Capital (of the WORLD): Ellsworth,WI, right over the border from Minneapolis, MN 🙂

What have we seen you in most recently?

In Chicago, you’ve seen me in Joseph and theDreamcoat (with Alan and Patrick!), but over the summer, I worked out at Little Theatre on the Square in Sullivan, IL!

How did you get connected with The Music Theatre Company?

I’ve been a fan of TMTC for a while now, especially interested in new works, so when Alex Weisman, Casting Associate for TMTC, called me in, I felt the stars were aligning a bit 🙂


What, if anything, interested you about Fugitive Songs and inspired you to join the cast?

I love new works and the idea of creating along with others on things that either a) have never been done before or b) haven’t been done in a specific way – Fugitive Songs is a perfect match.

In what ways do you relate to the songs you sing?

My character reminds me of the all the relationships I know of (my own and others) where things haven’t changed because of fear. When fear is realized and truly acknowledged, then we can truly look at it and go for the things that we may have not known were possible because of that fear.

What do you hope the audience will take away from the evening?

Good grooves and an intimate feeling. I hope audiences will feel like they are part of the beauty and pain these characters fear, and see that sometimes it’s silly to be sad, or hard to be happy, but appreciating what we have within and out ourselves is the only way to be happy with right HERE and NOW.


Do you generally get manicures and/or pedicures?

I LOVE a mani/pedi but only when I can get those crazy deals on Bunchofpeople-PON or things like that. They’re silly and nice.

If so, what is your favorite nail polish color?

I mostly like natural colors, like light light pinks or purples – things that are chill.
See Sophie in Fugitive Songs in Concert at TMTC November 2-11.